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There are many different ways to enjoy coffee. Instant coffee is very easy but it doesn't taste as good as coffee made from beans. Coffee made from beans can be made in many different ways. A popular way is making espresso with a special machine that heats and pressurizes water before forcing it through finely-ground coffee. Another popular method is pour-over coffee using paper filters and a cone. French presses are also very popular and are very easy. A less popular method that produces very good tasting coffee is a moka pot. I enjoy making coffee and usually switch between my moka pot, french press, and my Hario pour-over cone. Coffee beans from different parts of the world have different flavors and it is fun trying different kinds. In order to get the best taste possible from them, you should avoid buying pre-ground beans and instead grind them by yourself. It takes a bit more time but the results are much better. Pre-ground coffee usually loses the flavors and aromas that make it tasty and leaves a stale and flat-tasting coffee.