This week in After School: Cooking Chicken Wings and Eating Raw Broccoli! 今週は手羽先を作って、生のブロッコリーを食べました! インクル英会話学童保育

Yesterday, our activity of the day was cooking.

We made two types of chicken wings. First, we made garlic and ginger chicken wings with soy sauce and mirin. Then, we made lemon pepper ones with butter. The kids seemed to like it very much! We learned words like "teaspoon," "tablespoon," and all the names of the ingredients above. You should try these wings and other flavors at your house too!

Also, as is tradition in countries like the U.S., we ate vegetables with dip. The most common veggie to eat with wings is celery and the dip is ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing, but there's not rule. You can eat wings with anything you want! We cut and dipped carrot sticks and broccoli.

The students and their parents were very surprised that I wanted to eat the broccoli raw. In the U.S. and probably other places, we eat vegetable platters for get-togethers and parties. For Japanese people, that may be weird, but eating raw fish is also weird to some people outside of Japan. If you're interested in raw broccoli, give it a try!