4 Topics You Shouldn't Talk about in the U.S. with Strangers アメリカで他人と話すべきではない4つのトピック インクル磐田市英会話



I have lived in Japan for almost 3 years, and I've noticed people ask me things that would be seen as a little rude in the U.S. So be careful with the following topics if you go to New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the United States!

First, politics.

The politics in the U.S. are very divided by political parties. The two major parties are the Republican Party (like W. Bush and Trump) and the Democratic Party (like Clinton and Obama). If you say you belong to one party, other people may assume things about you and perhaps like you less.
Also, sharing your political opinions about things like immigration, abortion, and healthcare may strain your conversation or relationship if the people you are talking to have different opinions.

Second, religion.

People have very strong opinions about religion. Some people don't want to talk about their private beliefs, and some people don't like the beliefs of other religions. Once you get to know someone, you can of course start asking someone about their religion, but in the beginning, take it slow just in case.

Third, weight.

Talking about the amount a person weighs (whether in pounds or kilograms) or weight loss can be sensitive topics, even if you mean well. You may want to tell someone "Wow, you lost weight! You look good!" but in some cases, the person you're talking about may think "So? What was wrong with me before?"

Fourth, age.

Asking another adult "How old are you?" can be seen as rude since that's personal information. On job applications in the U.S., people looking for a job do not put their age (or picture), so a conversation shouldn't be too different.

I hope this information helps you to have successful and fun conversations with Americans. We love to joke around. Just have a good time and remember to smile!




アメリカの政治は政党によって非常に分けられています。 2つの主要な政党は共和党(W.ブッシュとトランプのような)と民主党(クリントンとオバマのような)です。あなたがあなたがあるパーティーに属していると言うならば、他の人々はあなたについてのことを仮定するかもしれません、そしておそらくあなたはもっとあなたが好きではありません。




たとえあなたがよく言っていても、人の体重の量(ポンドであろうとキログラムであろうと)または体重の減少について話すことは微妙な話題になることがあります。 「うわー、あなたは体重を減らしました。あなたはよさそうだ!」と誰かに伝えたくなるかもしれません。しかし、場合によっては、あなたが話している人は、「そうですか。以前は私にとって何が問題だったのでしょうか」と考えるかもしれません。