Everyday English: Recipes (Rice Cooker Brownies) 毎日の英語:レシピ(炊飯器ブラウニー)



Today's Everyday English is a recipe that shows you how to use a rice cooker to make brownies! Brownies are a popular dessert in the U.S. but usually it requires an oven to make. However this recipe uses a rice cooker instead! Give it a try with yours at home and let us know how they taste in the comments below!
Today's Everyday Englishは、炊飯器を使ってブラウニーを作る方法を紹介するレシピです。ブラウニーはアメリカで人気のあるデザートですが、通常それを作るにはオーブンが必要です。しかしこのレシピでは代わりに炊飯器を使っています!それを自宅で試してみて、下のコメントでそれらがどのように味わうか教えてください!

1 box brownie mix, prepared according to package directions

Fill the inner pot of your rice cooker with water to the minimum line. Line the Steam Tray with foil and grease or spray with cooking spray. Pour in brownie batter and set in the inner pot.

Set to Steam for the time indicated on the package directions. When your rice cooker beeps check brownies to see if they are done. They will be moist and dewy but should not look raw. Remove tray from your cooker and let cool at least 10 minutes before serving.

Note: Brownies will firm up slightly as they cool. For an even firmer texture, refrigerate for 30 minutes prior to serving.

Recipe credit from :

- minimum 最小
- grease グリース
- directions 行き方
- beeps ビープ音
- moist しっとり