Roygbiv ロイジビヴ インクル英会話浜松校

One day, a friend of mine sent me a really nice photo she had taken of two rainbows. Can you see them? 
By the way, can you say all of the colors of the rainbow? I'd already known that there were seven colors in the rainbow, but I didn't know that there was a specific order for them.  Here is a sure way of remembering the colors of the rainbow and its order.

             🌈 ROYGBIV  ( Acronym )
R is for red, O is for orange, Y is for yellow, G is for green, B is for blue, I is for indigo, and V is for violet. I think that it's good to know as knowledge. Whenever you have the chance to see a rainbow again, please check to see if this is the right order.


              🌈ロイジビヴ( 頭字語 )
Rはred, Oはorenge, Yはyellow, G はgreen, Bはblue, I はindigo, そしてVはvioletです。知識として知っていると良いと思います。再び虹を見る機会がありましたら、色が正しい順番になっているかどうか見てみてください。