School lunch 学校給食 インクル英会話浜松市

Thanks to the school meals that are provided for each kid at school, they can have warm , delicious and healthy food for their lunch. I sometimes ask my students about their school meals, and they usually say they don't leave any food left or they liked the menu they had. When I was a child, I also waited impatiently for lunch time. As you know, eels are expensive and also Hamamatsu is well known for that , but luckily, kids in Hamamatsu get the opportunity to eat it for their school meal once a year. Considering how healthy and delicious the food options are, I have always appreciated school meals.

学校で子供一人一人に供給される給食のおかげで、子供たちは温かく美味しい、そして健康的な食事をすることが出来ます。 時々生徒に学校給食について聞くのですが、みんなたいてい給食を残さず、食べたメニューが好きなものだったと言います。私が子供の時も給食が待ち遠しかったです。ご存知の通り、うなぎは値が高く、そしてまた浜松はうなぎで有名です。しかし幸運なことに浜松の子供たちは一年に一回うなぎを給食で食べる機会があります。いかに食べ物の選択が健康的で美味しいかを考慮し、いつも学校給食に感謝しています。