After School Cooking! アフタースクールの料理 インクル浜松市英会話


Summer School has finished, so we are continuing with the After School program as usual!

This week, my class did cooking. I wanted the students to learn how to cook real food using the stove.

First, we made scrambled eggs with an easy version of a recipe I learned from this Gordon Ramsey video. We all took turns stirring the eggs, and they came out creamy. Before we started cooking, I asked the students if they liked eggs and two of them said no! But they said they liked the eggs we made!

Second, we made pancakes. The students added the ingredients to a bowl and mixed everything well. We cooked the pancakes a little too long so they were dark brown, but they were still good! We topped them with whip cream and chocolate (called a "chocolate pen").

Thanks for reading. If English activities like this sound fun to you, you should try our class!