Amazing Bird of Paradise Mating Dance 猛禽のすごい求愛ダンス インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Do you like nature documentaries? Well, I was watching one yesterday and saw something so interesting that I had to share it! (Watch the clip below.)

On the 3rd episode of Netflix's Our Planet about jungles, they tell us of the many species of birds that live in New Guinea. Each type of bird has their own unique way of finding a mate. This can be a "dance," a show of of their colored throat patches, or even cleaning their area of leaves!

I think dating could be much easier for humans if they followed the example of these birds. But I guess in some ways it's similar, right? When you go to the club (before the pandemic), you show off your nice clothes and your dance moves to get your date interested. What do you think?


自然ドキュメンタリーは好きですか?さて、私は昨日見ていましたが、共有する必要があるほど興味深いものを見つけました! (下のクリップをご覧ください。)


人間がこれらの鳥の例に従えば、デートははるかに簡単になると思います。でも、いくつかの点で似ていると思いますよね? (パンデミックの前に)クラブに行くとき、あなたは素敵な服を披露し、あなたのダンスはあなたのデートに興味を持ってもらいます。どう思いますか?