Blood Types 血液型 大人英会話



In Japan most people know their blood type however in the west it is less common for people to know.

In Japan, people of a certain blood type are said to have a certain personality. Relationship compatibility is also dictated by blood types. People with blood type A are said to be well-organized whereas people with type O blood are said to be optimistic. Those with B type blood are said to be selfish and those with AB are said to be eccentric.

What do you think about blood types and personalities? Does your personality match your blood type?

-blood type 血液型
-personality 性格特性
-compatibility 互換性
-well-organized  几帳面(きちょうめん)
-optimistic 楽観主義(らっかんしゅぎ)
-selfish 自己中 (じこちゅう)
-eccentric 変わり者(かわりもの)