Candy Time! インクル子ども英会話浜松市



October is here! That means it's time to talk about Halloween. Most people relate Halloween to two things: costumes and candy. Today, we're going to talk about candy!

I think candy comes down to personal taste (pun intended). So, I'll be talking about 5 of my favorite candies.

1. Snickers

This is a chocolate candy bar that checks every box. It's made up of
nougat, caramel, nuts, and chocolate. It can be difficult to eat in one bite, but that's what makes it great in my opinion! Feeling hungry? Eat a Snickers.

2. Starbursts

These are chewy fruit candies. They are chewier than a standard gummy but they are full of flavor! They come in many different kinds and most people will argue over which one is the best (the yellow ones) and the worst (the red ones).

3. M&M's

Do I really need to introduce these? Candy coated chocolate delights is the best way to describe them. For you nuttier readers, you may also enjoy the peanut M&M's. I think they are both great personally. But the better question is, what's the best way to enjoy them? In cookies, ice cream, trail mix or solo?

4. Junior Mints

I'm not a hug mint fan, but these are my exception. They are a chocolate covered mint pillow. Personally, they remind me of my childhood, when I used to eat them after we would go to church on Sundays. Regardless, they taste good and make your breath smell great!

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I would be remised to leave out the #1 most popular Halloween candy from my list. These are chocolate cups filled with peanut butter. The perfect salty and sweet combination. If you live in Japan and have never tried one of these, please do yourself a favor and buy them online. You won't regret it!

What's your favorite candy? Leave a comment and let us know!








3. M&M