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If you thought that the mill or grinder wasn't a very important part of making delicious coffee you would be wrong. Even and consistent grind size is important for getting a clean tasting cup of coffee. If you have too uneven grinds, some too big and some too small, your coffee won't taste as good as it could. Cheap mill grinders and especially blade-style grinders make it difficult to control the even consistent grinding of the beans.
We know that grinding beans not long before you use them is important but what kind of grinder should we use? There are pros and cons to the different types. The blade-style grinder is usually cheap and easy to use but lacks any kind of control and evenness. Conical burr style grinders are a bit more expensive but are much better than blade-style grinders. They are good at producing a uniform grind. Flat burr grinders are the best however they are usually very expensive and large.
There are many grinders from each style to choose from, you will surely find one to suit your needs and budget.