Common English Mistakes that Japanese Kids Make インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Misunderstandings and mix-ups are common when learning a new language. I remember when I used a website for language learning. I corrected other people's English and they corrected my Japanese. One time, someone wrote something like "My grandmother died last week. I am sad." In Japanese I wrote to them "ごめんなさい" (gomennasai - I'm sorry I did that) and then someone told me that I should say "気の毒です" (ki no doku desu - I'm sorry that happened). It was embarrassing, but I laugh about it now.

Our students are the same. They learn English from many sources, whether from their school classes, from TV, or just from loanwords from Japanese.

ice vs ice cream
The sweet treat you get at Baskin Robins is "ice cream." The clear cubes you put in your drinks is "ice!" If you say "What kind of ice do you like?" people may think you mean ice cubes or shaved ice, so be sure to say "ice cream!"

I have a...
About 80% of our young students start by saying "I have a 2 erasers," but they should say "I have 2 erasers." This could be the result of the PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) song by PIKOTARO. the lyrics go "I have a pen. I have an apple. UH, Apple Pen!" But if he had more than one apple and pen it would be "I have 2 pens. I have 2 apples. UH Apple pens!"

How old are you? > My name is Rintaro.
We often ask kids questions together like "What's you name?" and "How old are you?" so they sometimes get them mixed up. I know it's hard to understand every word, but often we just need to hear some keywords. If you listen to keywords like "name" or "old", then you can answer correctly!




ice vs ice cream
バスキンロビンスで手に入る甘いおやつは「アイスクリーム」です。飲み物に入れる透明な立方体は「氷」です! 「どんな氷が好き?」と言えば角氷やかき氷のことだと思われるかもしれませんので、必ず「アイスクリーム」と言ってください。

I have a...

How old are you? > My name is Rintaro.
「お名前は?」など、子供たちと一緒によく質問します。おいくつですか?"だから彼らは時々それらを混同します。すべての単語を理解するのは難しいことは知っていますが、多くの場合、いくつかのキーワードを聞く必要があります。 「名前」や「古い」などのキーワードを聞くと正解できます!