Desire Paths けもの道 インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Have you ever seen dirt trails that were made by people's foot traffic? These man-made shortcuts are called "desire paths." Sometimes the set roads and paths aren't convenient enough, so desire paths show us the more direct way people want to go somewhere.

Interestingly, there are many colleges that have designed their campuses based on desire paths. Look at the thin, arching paths in the picture below. They don't look like your typical straight sidewalks. This is Michigan State University. What's interesting is that the planners saw the desire paths that students and faculty made, then turned those dirt trails into real ones.

Michigan State University

Check out Ohio State. They did the same thing. I read that after it snowed, some planners (or maybe their lowly assistants) went up in a hot air balloon to look at the walking paths people made in the snow and drew a map of it.

Ohio State University
Legend of the paths by Reddit user ADTR20

So, how often do you see these paths? Do you think that they're a good thing or an annoyance?

Check out reddit's r/DesirePath subreddit for more desire paths. It's a whole community dedicated to enjoying and discussing desire paths!