How do you say 紅葉 in English?

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Yesterday was fine weather. A little windy and cold in the evening, but a nice time to visit a local temple or shrine and see the beginning of the Autumn colors.

So, I decided to check out Okuni Jinja in Mori town. It was just 20 minutes from my house by car. I arrived in the late afternoon so it was not crowded. The autumn colors had not fully changed yet, but the area was beautiful and had a charming character. The shrine is located in a rural area, close to the edge of the mountains. An area surrounded by tea fields.

I stayed there until the sun set and enjoyed the calm atmosphere.
I recommend this as a good place to visit if you go there after the daily crowds have gone home.

I found an interesting video on Youtube about Okuni shrine.

昨日は晴天でした。 夕方は少し風が強くて寒いですが、地元のお寺や神社に行って紅葉の始まりを見るのにいい時期です。
そこで、森町の遠江國一之をチェックすることにしました。 私の家から車でたった20分でした。 午後遅くに到着したので混んでいませんでした。 紅葉はまだ完全には変わっていませんが、エリアは美しく、魅力的なキャラクターでした。 神社は山の端に近い田舎にあります。 茶畑に囲まれたエリア。