Interesting shaved ice flavors インクル子ども英会話浜松市



As temperatures rise in Japan, shaved ice is becoming more and more popular. More and more unique and interesting flavors of shaved ice are being created every year. Here's a look at some of them:

Blue Hawaii - Many people in Japan know this flavor, but few can describe it.
Fermented Soybean (natto) - Japan's most divisive food becomes its most divisive shaved ice flavor!
Ramen - Is it ramen? Is it shaved ice? The ramen broth is frozen into shaved ice!!!
Grilled corn - In Japan they put corn on anything!!!
Gyoza - Definitely interesting, but does it taste good?
Beer - This one is more for looks, because the amber-colored flavor is actually mango!

Which flavors would you try?


ブルーハワイ - 日本では多くの人がこの味を知っていますが、それを説明できる人はほとんどいません。
納豆 - 日本で最も意見の分かれる食べ物が、最も意見の分かれるかき氷の味に!
ラーメン - ラーメンですか?かき氷ですか?ラーメンのスープを凍らせてかき氷に!
焼きトウモロコシ - 日本では何にでもトウモロコシを乗せます。
餃子 - 確かに興味深いですが、おいしいですか?
ビール - 見た目重視のビールです。琥珀色の味はマンゴーそのものです。