Learning English with Comic Books マンガで英語を学びます インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Reading comic books is a good way to learn that doesn't feel too much like studying. Watching movies is good, but you may have to keep pausing the video to look at subtitles or keep replaying until you understand. Music is good, but there are no images to look at (unless it's a music video, but those don't always relate to the words of the song!). With comic books, you can read at your own pace and see pictures to get a good idea of the situation that the characters are in.

When I think of comic books, the first thing that comes to mind is superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, but when I think more, I remember comics from newspapers that appeal, perhaps, to a wider audience.

One of which is Garfield. Almost all Americans know Garfield, a comic about a cat named Garfield who is lazy and loves lasagna. It's humorous and features everyday life. You may not be used to its type of comedy depending on things like your language or culture, but you should check it out at GoComics to give it a try.

Another non-superhero comic that comes to mind is Calvin and Hobbes. It's about a boy named Calvin and his small, stuffed tiger named Hobbes. While other characters see Hobbes as a toy, Calvin sees Hobbes move and talk like a living thing. They talk to each other about many types of issues and go on interesting adventures. You can check out GoComics or buy a book from a store like Amazon.





頭に浮かぶもう1つの非スーパーヒーローコミックは、カルビンとホッブズです。それは、カルビンという名前の少年と、ホッブズという彼の小さなぬいぐるみの虎についてです。他のキャラクターはホッブズをおもちゃとして見ていますが、カルビンはホッブズが生き物のように動いて話しているのを見ています。彼らは多くの種類の問題について互いに話し合い、興味深い冒険に行きます。 GoComicsをチェックしたり、Amazonなどのストアから本を購入したりできます。