Learning with Music: Part 2 インクル子ども英会話浜松市



In this part, let's talk about what kind of English music you should be listening too. If you know anything about music, then you know that there are a lot of genres of music out there. When it comes to using music for English learning, the lyrics are the most important part. You shouldn't pick anything that is too complicated or hard to understand.

Some genres I would stay away from are:
Rap, Hip Hop: Rap and hip hop are often compared to poetry. Although there is a lot of English used in these songs, it is usually not very repetitive. This would make it difficult to follow along. Also, the tempo of the lyrics can be very fast at times!
Country: Country is based from the southern part of the US. The accents of the singers can often be hard to understand for some people. It is not a good accent to practice copying.
Electronic, Jazz, Classical: These are great to listen to leisurely, however they usually don't focus on lyrics as much as instrumentation.

The genres I suggest are:
Pop: Pop music is great for ESL students. It's often music you know already, and the lyrics are often fairly repetitive. It's catchy and fun to sing along with!
Rock: Rock music isn't for everyone, but in my opinion, it is also easy to follow along with. Some bands can be hard to understand, but usually the music is very repetitive and uses simple words and phrases.

tldr; You should listen to Pop and Rock music because they are easier to understand and are usually very repetitive.