Learning with Music: Part 3 インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Welcome back. Last time we talked about what genre of music is best for learning English. Now, let's pick a song and get to studying! Your song should be short and hopefully a bit repetitive to get started. Don't pick something that is hard to understand.

So find a song and pull up the lyrics. Most lyrics have 2 main parts, the verses and the chorus. The verse is often not repetitive and connects the song together. The chorus is the feature portion of the song. This is the part where everyone sings together at the karaoke bar!

My suggestion is to identify these different parts. Next, go through each portion and look up difficult words that you don't understand. Check the meaning and the pronunciation. Then, see if you can understand what the song is trying to portray.

Once you've made a significant amount of notes give the song a listen and follow along with the lyrics. Make more notes about pronunciations you guessed wrong and other things you missed. Then repeat the process again and again.

Continuing this pattern you will surely understand the song!