Mt. Fuji Climbing Season 2022

By Joshua

Dates and places to climb for this year!

There is news that Japan is slowly opening it's doors post-pandemic to overseas visitors. Despite many not being able to make it, for any locals in Japan, the climbing season for Fuji is fast approaching. For any future climbers, please take these things into consideration.

Dates: Depending on the trail, the 2022 climbing dates are from July 1st to September 10th. (

You can drive up about half way and park at a climbing station (there may be a fee to use the road going up). Then, you can climb to the summit from there. Ensure you are wearing clothes that are light, that you can take off or put back on as the temperature changes, and hiking boots are recommended. You can buy water and food and use toilets on the climb up, so take some money to use these facilities.

Many people go up in the afternoon, then camp or stay in a cabin overnight, then wake up early to see the sunrise. Then trek back down in the morning. It can take between 3-7 hours depending on your pace to climb, and about the same (but usually a bit quicker) to descend. Of course, busy days (such as national holidays) and weekends can be busier than a weekday, so be prepared. Finally, you're going to be 3776 meters in the air, so consider any health implications that may have for you.

However you want to climb it, make sure you're ready and of course enjoy the experience!

image: wikipedia commons