Red インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Red, the color most regularly brings on emotion of caution. Red being the color of blood. Quickly making us act to save ourselves. Maybe this is also why we use it on stop signs and keep out signs to denote the danger of the situation. Red forces us to stop, think, and be careful.
When we are angry our faces turn red. But I faces can also flush red when we are in love. So on the flip red is also used red to show love. A nice red heart shaped box of chocolates on valentines day. A red bouquet of roses. Red lipstick on a date.
Red is a color of contrasts. One of danger and caution, as well as of love and affection.


私たちは怒ると顔が真っ赤になります。でも、恋をしていると顔が真っ赤になることもあります。そのため、赤は愛を示すためにも使用されます。バレンタインデーに素敵な赤いハート型のチョコレート ボックス。バラの赤い花束。デートで真っ赤な口紅。
赤はコントラストの色です。愛と愛情だけでなく、危険と注意の 1 つです。