Some More Differences Between British English and American English・イギリス英語とアメリカ英語のいくつかの違い インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Last time we looked at differences in vocabulary, this time let's look at some spelling differences!
If you haven't read the previous blog post about vocabulary differences please read it here!

British EnglishAmerican English
-oe-/-ae- (e.g. anaemia, diarrhoea, encyclopaedia)-e- (e.g. anemia, diarrhea, encyclopedia)
-t (e.g. burnt, dreamt, leapt)-ed (e.g. burned, dreamed, leaped)
-ence (e.g. defence, offence, licence)-ense (defense, offense, license)
-ell- (e.g. cancelled, jeweller, marvellous)-el- (e.g. canceled, jeweler, marvelous)
-ise (e.g. appetiser, familiarise, organise)-ize (e.g. appetizer, familiarize, organize)
-l- (e.g. enrol, fulfil, skilful)-ll- (e.g. enroll, fulfill, skillfull)
-ogue (e.g. analogue, monologue, catalogue)-og (e.g. analog, monolog, catalog) *Note that American English also recognizes words spelled with –ogue
-ou (e.g. colour, behaviour, mould)-o (e.g. color, behavior, mold)
-re (e.g. metre, fibre, centre)-er (e.g. meter, fiber, center)
-y- (e.g. tyre)-i- (e.g. tire)