Spring is here!

By Joshua (cover image from: wikipedia commons)

The cherry blossoms around Japan are coming into full bloom as the 2022-2023 year comes to an end, and the new academic year 2023-2024 begins in Japan.

The weather is perfect for cycling, traveling, walking, and of course, ohanami. Ohanami is the Japanese tradition of essentially having a picnic with or under the cherry blossoms usually at the park or by a river. This is the season to enjoy this event because the cherry blossoms will only stay at full bloom for a few days, maybe even up to 2 weeks if there is no harsh wind and rain.

No matter what, make sure you enjoy the weather and scenic views of white and pink flowering trees around your town and city!

2022-2023年度が終わり、日本では2023-2024年度の新学期が始まり、日本中の桜が満開を迎えています。サイクリング、旅行、散歩、そしてもちろんお花見にも最適な気候です。 お花見は、基本的に公園や川のそばで、桜の下で、または桜の下でピクニックをする日本の伝統です. 桜の満開は数日、風雨が無ければ2週間程度しかないので、この時期はこのイベントを楽しむのに最適な季節です。いずれにせよ、あなたの町や街の周りの白やピンクの花の木の天気と美しい景色を楽しんでください!