Travelling around Japan

By Joshua

The Bullet Train (Shinkansen)


Hello, my name is Joshua. I am a new English teacher at INCL. I'm an Aussie and I like Japan and Japanese culture. This is my first blog post, so I hope you enjoy it.

One thing I love about Japan is the bullet train, or Shinkansen. They travel at around 280 km/hr (kilometers per hour) and can be as long as 16 carriages. The inside feels like an airplane, but it is quiet. The seats are also very comfortable and spacious. They only stop at big stations in big city areas, and not in small towns.

Shinkansen trains are very safe and reliable. You can even buy food on them as you travel, but there are more choices at the convenience stores on the platform or in the station before you board the train. You can sit back, relax and eat a nice meal on the train using your seat table.

If I am travelling somewhere that has a Shinkansen station, I will always consider going there by train instead of driving. The time saving and excitement of the Shinkansen adds extra enjoyment to the journey. However, it can get expensive, so I always compare the cost of toll roads and fuel with the Shinkansen ticket.

I have travelled by Shinkansen on the lines between Hakata and Tokyo all at different times. It is an amazing experience, so I hope you can enjoy riding the Shinkansen yourself to an amazing destination.

Happy Travels!

Image from: wikipedia commons



私が日本で好きなのは新幹線です。彼らは約280km/ hr(キロメートル/時)で移動し、16台の車両まで長くなる可能性があります。中は飛行機のようですが、静かです。座席もとても快適で広々としています。彼らは大都市圏の大きな駅にのみ停車し、小さな町には停車しません。