Weather Dog? Making TV at Home.



In the wake of COVID-19, the way we work has been changed dramatically. From salesmen to English teachers, many people are finding themselves doing their jobs from home. Although many people are disliking the self-isolation, some are finding ways to further their own careers.

Take Brody the dog for example. Brody's owner Paul is a weatherman for FOX news in Tampa Bay, Florida. Paul was asked to do his weather forecasts from home. Brody was so excited to spend more time with his favorite person, he decided to join him on TV!

With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, Brody has become internet famous! Even some celebrities have decided to comment about this curious pup.

I hope Brody takes this opportunity in the spotlight to further his acting career. Who knows, maybe with a fan like Mark Hamil, Brody we'll see Brody in one of the upcoming Star Wars movies!