Winter holidays in Japan 日本の冬休み インクル英会話浜松校

In Japan, the average days of the winter holiday is 13 to 14 days.
However, since Hokkaido is very cold that its holiday lasts for 25 days.
What do kids do during the winter holiday? They really have a lot of things to do such as doing school homework, joining some events like Christmas party, cleaning houses, and meeting relatives.
Especially, finishing school homework is hard. I hope everyone has already finished them earlier and had a great time with your family and friends.

日本の冬休みの平均日数は13日~14日です。しかしながら北海道は非常に寒いため、冬休みは25日間続きます。 子供たちは冬休みに何をして過ごすのでしょうか?学校の宿題をしたりクリスマスパーティーなどのイベントに参加したり家を掃除したり親戚に会ったりと、子供たちはやる事がたくさんあります。