U.S. and Japan Differences: Laundry アメリカと日本の違い:洗濯 インクル英会話



The U.S. and Japan both of course use washing machines for cleaning clothes. One difference is the drying aspect of laundry.

Most people use dryers that use heat for drying clothes inside their apartments or houses in the U.S. rather than hanging clothes on a clothesline like in Japan. Hotels and laundromats have dryers in Japan, but it seems more rare for households to have them. Also, U.S. washing machines use both warm and cold water, not just cold water. You may choose if your wash cycle uses cold, warm, or hot water.

Do you want to try using a dryer at your home?

-washing machines 洗濯機
-laundry 洗濯
-dryer 乾燥機
-clothesline 洗濯物
-laundromat コインランドリー