Dumpling(gyoza) War ぎょうざ戦争 インクル英会話掛川市

Gyoza is a very popular food in Japan. This is especially true for places like Hamamatsu and Utsunomiya city, which were made famous for their gyoza. Since 2007, there has been a competition between the cities for the consuming of gyoza. This year, Hamamatsu won the first prize, and Utsunomiya got second place. For the last decade, the result has been 50/50. Luckily, I was born in Utsunomiya but now I live in Hamamatsu.
To be honest, I like both cities and I can't decide whose gyoza is tastier! People say that fall is the best season for eating in general. Why don't you try gyoza as your dish for today? (^^)

ぎょうざは日本でとても人気のある食べ物です。これは特にぎょうざで有名になった浜松や宇都宮といった場所に当てはまります。 2007年からぎょうざの消費量をめぐって都市間の競争が続いており、今年は浜松が一位で、宇都宮が二位でした。過去10年間では結果は五分五分です。幸運にも私は宇都宮生まれで今は浜松に住んでいます。