Water experiments with after school! 放課後の水実験!インクル英会話2月4日

Every month we have several main activities that we do with our students. Today the activities were science based which my students really enjoy doing. I decided that using water would be pretty fun because they could try this at home too. The first experiment was about seeing the speed of poking a pencil through a bag of water to see if it leaked or not. One of my students got nervous and pulled the pencil back out, water went everywhere. Everyone was laughing about it because I was drenched in water. The second one was really fun! The students have to color and draw a picture of anything they want then fold it up. They put their drawing in a small bowl of water and watch to see if the paper opens up. My students had a blast, they were very shocked to see that it actually worked. I was really happy that my students wanted to keep going with the experiments.