Can wearing glasses keep you from catching the coronavirus? メガネをかけることによって新型コロナウイルスの感染を防止してくれる?  インクル子ども英会話浜松市



A study of 276 patients with COVID-19 suggests that people who wear eyeglasses may be less likely to catch the novel cornavirus. JAMA Ophthalmol recently published a study of people at a hospital in Suizhou, China. The researchers noted the percentage of the 276 people with COVID-19 who wore glasses. They then compared that with the percentage of people who wear glasses in Suizhou. The results show that "the proportion of daily wearers of eyeglasses was lower than that of the local population (5.8% vs 31.5%)" This could mean that wearing glasses greatly lowers your chances of getting the coronavirus!

But...not so fast. There are many factors to take into account before we all go out to Jins and buy new, fashionable glasses! This is one observational study. Unlike a study where you can assign one group to take a medicine and another to take a placebo, this study just observed a relationship. This makes causal links (like cause and effect) difficult to draw.

That's what research often is, though: a stepping stone for other research. Let's be on the lookout for more research about glasses and the novel coronavirus. Isn't it interesting that people can get a virus through their eyes?


COVID-19の患者276人を対象とした研究では、眼鏡をかけている人は新しいコルナウイルスに感染する可能性が低い可能性があることが示唆されています。 JAMA Ophthalmolは最近、中国の随州にある病院の人々の研究を発表しました。研究者たちは、眼鏡をかけたCOVID-19の276人の割合に注目しました。次に、随州で眼鏡をかけている人の割合と比較しました。結果は、「眼鏡を毎日着用する割合は、地元の人口よりも低かった(5.8%対31.5%)」ことを示しています。これは、眼鏡を着用すると、コロナウイルスに感染する可能性が低くなることを意味します。