Japanese Onsen インクル子ども英会話浜松市



I will talk about a part of Japanese culture that is unique compared to other parts of the world; onsen. Onsen are not found in Western countries, as people prefer to bathe in the privacy of their own bathroom. However, most people cannot recreate the beautiful environments or the types of natural spring water in your bathroom at home, and this is what makes Japanese onsen so special.

Being Japan, Japanese onsen always have a long list of rules in order for people for use. However, in my opinion, the most important rule to enjoy Japanese onsen is to RELAX.

And no tattoos!



これが日本の温泉の特別な理由です。 日本であるため、日本の温泉には常に人々が使用するための長い規則があります。しかし、私の意見では、日本の温泉を楽しむための最も重要なルールはリラックスすることです!