There are many second hand clothing shops in Japan. Have you ever been second hand clothes shopping? If you answered "No" well then this is your handy guide to buying pre-loved clothes. If you answered "Yes" then stick around for some handy tips make your search for the perfect garments easier.

There are many advantages to buying second hand. New clothing takes a lot of resources to make, but second hand clothing keeps all those resources in the market. Sometimes when you buy something new and wash it for the first time it shrinks or changes in some way, but second hand clothing has already been through this process many times. The biggest advantage of all is that you can save a lot of money buying second hand, pick up a piece of brand name clothing on the cheap.

Step 1: Usually clothing is sorted into sizes. Find the your size and start flicking through the items of clothing. Unlike a store that sells brand new clothing with many sizes in the same style. Your choice is a little restricted. Don't be tempted to buy outside sizes that are comfortable for you, you'll never wear it.
Step 2: Gather a few items that interest you and head to the change rooms.
Step 3: Try everything on, if there is anything about them that you don't like then don't buy them. Even if you really like the material or design, if there is one small thing bothering you about it, don't purchase it.
Step 4: Enjoy your awesome finds!

The key to second hand clothes shopping is to check store regularly. Sift through the items you already sore last time and find the new things and make decisions quickly about if you like the clothing item or not.


日本には古着屋さんがたくさんあります。古着の買い物をしたことがありますか?あなたが「いいえ」とよく答えたなら、これは愛されている服を買うためのあなたの便利なガイドです。 「はい」と答えた場合は、便利なヒントを参考にして、完璧な衣服を簡単に検索してください。