Mori-machi Town, Shizuoka

By Joshua

There is a small town north-east of Hamamatsu called Mori-machi, 森町. It is home to many beautifully quintessential Japanese sceneries, such as Kouyou (fall colors), rivers, forests and peaceful nature.

Some key places to visit are Okuni Shrine and nearby Daito-in. In these areas, you can see many traditional Japanese architectures such as red foot bridges, shrines, temples, homes, buildings, and of course the beautiful nature surrounding it all.

For more information about Mori-machi town, visit this link.

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浜松の北東に森町と呼ばれる小さな町があります。 紅葉、川、森、のどかな自然など、日本らしい美しい風景がたくさんあります。

いくつかの重要な場所は、大国神社と近くの大東院です。 これらの地域では、赤い歩道橋、神社、寺院、家、建物、そしてもちろんそれを取り巻く自然など、多くの伝統的な日本の建築を見ることができます.