New CAINZ and Hawaiian Cafeニューカインズとハワイアンカフェ浜松市

I was able to go to the new CAINZ store, it was very busy! I really like this store because it has so many options. This store reminds me of Walmart because of the different areas in the store. I will probably go to this store a lot since the signs have english on them so it is easier for me to shop.. The Christmas area was amazing, I ended up buying this cool decoration but I do not know if it is a moose or a reindeer.... It is very cute though!! The same day I was able to eat at the new cafe, it was soooo good! The way the cafe was designed made me feel like I was back in America, the music was all in english as well! The food was great but the portion size was too big for me to finish. I totally recommend eating at this cafe!!